A Firm Handshake

A flooding smile, a broad baby pivot, a direct eye and a firm handshake. How many of us use them as the major part of our virtual clothing when we first come across a foreign homo sapein? Probably none of us. Even if we include a smile, pivot and eye contact in the first meet … More A Firm Handshake


I was born in my backyard back in the days of 1993 first time i opened my eyes in this temporary world so bound and yet so free   I grew to a child and just to cry a toy did break and all i got was pain a new one came to make me … More TEMPORARY LIFE


They say to me to change myself Then we can be friends you see I even agree to modify But will then they be friends to me   Yes off course you think they will be friends to me But the ME word here is all contrary How can i be me when i totally … More THE WAY I AM


A time came in my life when I was alone. Everyone left me, Everyone lost their trust on me. I was shattered like a building of playing cards . I looked around only to find arrows pointing towards me but I found a smiling face. He came to me with open arms i fell into … More A MAN LIKE THAT


PART 1 Undoubtedly I sang better but I never compared myself to her until the time came when she back stabbed me best friends when fight can be the deadliest enemy the tale I tell is of Christmas the time of year when happiness surrounds us but being with her every month was a festivity … More MY WORST CHRISTMAS..

and here i start

All the literature lovers out there… This is  Viren Tak  writing his first blog! I thought a lot on what I should publish on my first blog. I dint get my answer until the time i was going through the blogs i follow. I found myself searching for some article or poem which could help … More and here i start

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