The right of the storyteller

While the law in the constitution describes the right of all the citizens in quite detail, here is the time when we need to formulate some untold, unwritten rights. The doctors have their own space with their patients and the engineers with their machines. What the society really should focus on is the allowance of a painter on his colours and the storyteller on his words while doing his job so perfectly. With very little reference of the much talked and overrated issue of a beautiful movie, the strong act of storytelling is somewhere bound in chains of the judgemental society.

There is one thing with art, that its grandeur is affected when it’s quarreled with and so is with art-makers. How far have we reached from the time of Vyasa? The time when painting were not as quarreled upon as today, when painters like Dana Schutz would not have to go through this much. The point here is revolving around beliefs, beliefs which are not evolving. While the temples of Khajuharo have those erotic sculptures of gods since 950 AD, but the society has a problem with the waist of a historic queen being shown on screens in 21st century. How hard is it to accept the fact that our culture and faith cannot be enforced on another man?

Storytelling is an art of expression. Expression and suppression are two terms that can never go hand in hand. We all need to be in a better state of harmony. Where if we are not comfortable with somebody’s opinion then let’s just avoid it. As not letting the other person express it another crime. And if this continues then the world will remain bereft of some million magnum opuses.



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