My leaflet, how will I pass my moments without you

my leaflet, you were my lifeline and you know it too

my leaflet…


how rude was of him who made this rule

which shatters this rock strong heart of mine

you were my most prized possession

tommorow you leave its the last time we dine


in hands you go are most probably safe

but how to promise that they will nurture you like we did

the love you deserve ain’t guaranteed now

oh, how I panicked when in childhood you hid


My leaflet, you have to be strong now

my leaflet, be answerable yourself to your where what and how

my leaflet…


your softness might not be valued there

hard words demand your spance

you made it lit over here in my garden

now, neither your anklets nor your heartfilling dance


tell me if they exceed their limits

I am not selling you with dowry

but I am lending you, so they make you smile

bounded by the manacles of rituals, I am sorry


my leaflet, days will be dark for you and for me

my leaflet, in exchange of a tear do plant a tree

my leaflet…


you too, will one day reach my conditions

wherein you will hold in your hand, hope rays

be the cage to the problems to your beloved

and when they reach you send them to my place


but let your heart not sink after our tears

there is a precious pearl hidden in the sea

my smile will be brighter when I see you

in a frame with him rather than me


my leaflet, with him, I know, you will win the marathon

my leaflet, to hold another hand you have to leave the previous one


there will be a twilight when I will need you

don’t refrain yourself from being my oldage stick

when the shoulders I carried you on, droop

your father will await his daughter to restore him brick by brick


the day I breathe last, come to me

I will look in your eyes and proudly I will nod

collect your broken self immediately

because when you loose a parent you gain a god


my leaflet, I left my soul in you long back and now we fuse

my leaflet, hugging you when you left was just an excuse

My Leaflet…







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