The right to be mourned

Few months back there were two very sad and accidental deaths in my locality. Both of them were young, energetic, handsome, full-of-life teenagers. Both died in a road accident. But there was one difference between them, one was poor and another was rich. Both kid’s mothers being my mother’s acquaintances  (one her kitty partner and another her milkmaid ) we had to visit both the places.What shocked me was that, the milkmaid came to serve us milk the next morning after her son died. When asked why, she said “ma’am both my grandchildren are hungry and my daughter-in-law is sick. If i will not earn who will look after them” with swollen eyes and shivering hands she served us the milk and left. Nobody in the locality was willing to help her, financially and emotionally. On the other side, when we visited the rich lady after 3 months, there was still a queue of visitors and three caretakers looking after her while she lay weak and ill on the luxurious bed. Before giving a bad and angry vibe to the people of my locality for not helping the poor woman and just caring about the rich one, my dear reader look at yourself first.

In Zilten, Libya 60 people were dead and 200 injured in terrorist car bomb on 7th Jan 2016, in Sharaban, Iraq 100 + people got dead on 11 of the same month,on May 12, 64+ people died in a massacre in Zara’a, Syria, on June 14 in Lake Chad,  Cameroon 50+ people died in a mass execution and so on… From January-June 2016 there were approximately 97 terrorists attacks across the world and no one did notice but one fine day, An attack in the U.S. brings tears in the eyes of millions.

Did the blood of the Iraq people had no oxygen, or the hearts of the Syria people pumped water? Did the boys of Lake Chad had no mothers or the men of Libya no daughters. Then why did our heart aches only for the souls of Orlando. In the bustle of living creatures fighting for their rights, here I introduce the right of the dead.

I never oppose homosexuality and  I am sad for deaths in Florida but the doubt I raise is that why only a list of rich and famous people have the right to be mourned. Everyone who died in the small cities had a soul or a family and deserved our sympathy and prayer but what we did was nothing. The world needs to rise up from the manacles of richhood and go out and stand for every wrong thing happening even if with unpopular or poor people

Probably the people becoming prey of terrorism in unpopular areas need more help and recognition from our sides. A hollistic view needs to come in  power. Or the day isn’t far when  the poor peoples’ ghosts have to dig their bodies in the grave…


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