From My Eyes

“But it will be difficult”,some well wisher told me. But I had no plans to stop. Somehow you don’t realise when the shade changes, but if you are very lucky you have that one person around you to bring the blood’s red back to the pomegranate’s.

Oh! the moment was very special. When the sashe swiftly slipped around my shoulder flaunting my chest and resting on my waist. The persian blue silk and silver letters on it were kingly. It was slight dusk when I was officially declared as the ‘Head Boy’ of my school. But that’s not when my journey begin but it began months ago when I was unknown, nothing, nowhere.

Some say they liked my accent, some adored my poems ,some my dance and some my grades. However on the initial days of my school I was able to impress the authority and the most average people of the place amongst which even I was one.

When the interviews were announced open, I had the burning desire to apply for the highest post. Faint, I thought I would when the moment of announcement of results  would come. After the shouts of right guesses, the results were out. The same day people congratulated me and asked me not to change. How much I did I don’t know but I know I was deviated.

Once when you reach at the top the people who helped you to reach there slowly go out of the frame and it remains unnoticed. What actually happens is, there is already so much to your frame that they cut themselves out assuming you don’t have time for them and later on blame you that you are changed! I accept SNOB is not a characteristic of a leader, but DEMEANING him is not the characteristic of the followers either.

I think , in between even I started to follow , which was the wrong thing on my part but when the respect and trust by the people who empowered you is replaced by grudge and understatement you don’t much think of right and wrong. Many came to teach me but i din’t have many ears but that one person forced me to. Because she was a guru.

May be i will never be able to conclude how much change did the post brought in me but surely I gave the best I can.

May be i never changed, your mentality for me did . As it is a universal fact that “you change when your condition does”

May be I never followed, it was what I really thought and proceeded to do.

May be I din’t make much mistakes. I am a human being afterall .

May be I wasn’t wrong .

May be I was.

Now I stand at a   higher experiencial and intellectual level than I was an year back. The next year unfolds.

And I stand in the midst of taking one more chance….





One thought on “From My Eyes

  1. Bhai abki baar headboy banke logo ko impression karne ko koshish ki toh.. teri… D….I tod deni hai maine


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