Bed of sand, Grave of ash, Life of glass

Black bone rimmed spectacles but hopeful eyes, loose grey pants but willful legs, wodden long stick but helpful arms and subtile words and expressions.My grand father was not very old when he died but his youth had left him the day when he said to me “my body aches, I don’t feel young anymore”.

We get a soulful dawn [chilhood], a crazy afternoon [youth], an intellectual yet deaf and dumb dusk [oldage]. From the bed of sand to grave of ash the most unexpected and disastrous thing happening to a men is when his ability to walk depends on the people whom he gave the ability to walk. Accepting a thing is another but assuming is a turmoil. When I see or rather hear the happy morning laughters of the above 60 group of my colony I feel blessed to have the aura of people still willing to stay full of life! Ageing is rather a challenge than just a phase. I know people who find dying easy then facing the dim light. But in country like ours euthanasia is far and not everybody is lucky enough to get a Sofia D’Souza like Hrithik Roshan gets in the movie guzarish. So the only way left is to let it pass while we do it with cry or wry.

While I say this I not only expect a will power, a fake one but the acceptance of the real fact which lies hidden. As one approaches 60, one gets wrinkles more in the mind than on face and hands. That’s what becomes the reasons of the side-effects. As one of my very favourite movie proudly announces “life is a side-effect of death” I support that our every twich of face corresponds one stage [good or bad] of our life. Ageing will probably never stop but the feeling of getting old may. We all get a grave of ash but some walk themselves and some drag themselves. You being young might not remember my words after 40 years but  what i want you to do is to give your time to the people which deserve it. Let them know that they can always be 16. IF they want to

whats worse then regretting is to watch people urging to get back to the time in which you are still there. Because thats when you realise that you too will reach a stage when you will urge your present condition. Better to accept then to assume. As the say there will come ek raat which will bring door ka sandesa and the kachari of life will end after the final faisla and all what we get is just a dhoodhiya odhona….


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