when God is in us even Evil is

According to hindus when they [god] couldn’t find a very secretive place to hide the biggest truth [god] from man kind he chose the inside of the man.

Oh now you are thinking am I amongst one of those believers. Blind believers. No. But I believe in god, not krishna or durga or holy virgin or buddha etc but i believe in the basis of my existence.

Once when Vivekananda was asked that how he proves being of god
here it is-
When i was coming here i saw a workshop where there were many machines and all were working. Some hammer, some wood cutting going on and some computers etc, but there was one shocking thing. There were no workers.
All the people were shocked and started laughing when every one stopped he started laughing on all of them. When asked he said , when u cant imagine a small workshop without workers how d’you think this huge universe is working without a super power..
Oh how much i love Vivekananda
Hence certainly there is a source of utmost energy and that is the god in whom I believe. Now as  my title signifies there exists evil as well. But where?
The same place.
No , no exorcism but what else would u call the urge to kill in a terrorist. That is how I support my statement. So the whole bad power in this universe is present in none other than the person in the mirror. Am I saying that everyone of us is ghost as well. Mother  nature would give a better answer i guess.
The choice is ours. What we want to prevail and endure

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