Gone Days

Next time when we meet Not that I will be upset But yeah I will shy, wry The root might get wet   How easy it seemed Neither bye nor good Was it all mature? Or stupid boyhood   Grew you me did To you and I taught But what good those teachings were That … More Gone Days

From My Eyes

“But it will be difficult”,some well wisher told me. But I had no plans to stop. Somehow you don’t realise when the shade changes, but if you are very lucky you have that one person around you to bring the blood’s red back to the pomegranate’s. Oh! the moment was very special. When the sashe … More From My Eyes

A Firm Handshake

A flooding smile, a broad baby pivot, a direct eye and a firm handshake. How many of us use them as the major part of our virtual clothing when we first come across a foreign homo sapein? Probably none of us. Even if we include a smile, pivot and eye contact in the first meet … More A Firm Handshake